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Boston Open DanceSport

Boston Open   --   April 1, 2023  --  300 West st.,  dedham, MA 

Winners circle

2016 Provincetown Dance trophy

The Proficiency scored results from all styles - Smooth, Rhythm, Latin and Standard can be seeing here:

2015 US Same-Sex Championship

Female Standard A- Daphna Locker and Meredith Stead New York, NY

Male Standard ALee Williams and Morten Scheduler Jensen Ridgefield, CT 
Male Am. Smooth A Eddie Alba and Michael Winward Orange County, CA 
Male Latin A - Marko Ciboci and Gordan Vogles, Key Biscayne, FL 
Showdance - Eddie Alba and Michael Winward, Orange County, CA


Male A Standard - Garret Gerritsen Rafael Dominguez, San Francisco, CA
Female A Standard- Daphna Locker Meredith Stead, New York, NY
Male A Am. Smooth - Adam Spencer Michael Sweet,  Ptown MA

Female A Am. Smooth - Rachel Palmieri Nina DiPerrio, Alston, MA
Formation Team- Pa' Bailar Formation, Boston Renegades 
Female A Am. Rhythm - Rachel Palmieri Nina DiPerrio,  Alston, MA

Reverse Role A Am. RhythmJasmine Liu and Kevin O'Farrell Providence, RI
Male Latin A - Yannick Parent and Jean-Francois Fortin,  Hubert, Canada

Male 10 dances - Marko Ciboci and Gordan Vogles 

2014 North American Same-Sex Championship 

Female Am. Smooth A - Rachel Palmieri and Nina DiPerrio, Allston MA

Male Am. Smooth A - Sergh Aliev and Christjohn Batters Fl/GA

Female Standard AMeredith Stead and Daphna Locker NY, NY

​Male Standard A -  Morten Jensen and Lee Williams, Boston MA

Female Am. Rhythm A -  Rachel Palmieri and Nina DiPerrio Allston MA

Male Am. Rhythm A - Sergh Aliev and Christjohn Batters Fl/GA

Male Latin A - Marko Ciboci and Goran Vogles Key Biscayne, FL​ 

2017 Nasspda sanctioned  USA Championship

Results can be viewed here:

2017 Boston Open Sanctioned Championship

Results can be viewed here:

2017 Single dances events  

Results can be viewedhere

2013 Boston Open DanceSport Competition

Male Standard AMario Spaniard Yves Gosselin, Montreal Canada
Female Standard A  - Victoria Settle and Yvonne Settle, London UK  

Female Standard A Adults Kieren Jameson and  Emily Coles SF, CA

Male Am. Smooth A -  Zachary Bordonaro and Michael Sweet, Boston MA

Male Am Rhythm A  - Michael Raisch and Chris Uy,  FL/MA

Male Latin A - Mario Spaniard Yves Gosselin Montreal, Canada
Female Latin A - Victoria Settle and Yvonne Settle, London UK

Female Latin A Adults - Sunny Williams and Heather Brockett, San Jose CA 

Showdance - Adrian Sandborn and Michael Sweet, Boston MA

Formation Team - Vima Vice Squad, Rumba/Salsa "It Takes Two To Tango"