Boston Open DanceSport

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New England Open   --   October 9, 2021  --  300 West st.,  dedham, MA 


Here, you can find some answers and helpful information:

1.What are the benefits of the Ballroom Dancing?

Ballroom Dancing is a great way to meet new people, maintain fitness and develop body awareness, grace and poise. Some other benefits are stress control, physical and mental health, its fun, creative and helpful.

2. Can I compete with different partners?

Yes, you can compete with different partners in different disciplines. In a particular division you can only dance with the same partner. 

3. Can a Pro-Am couple participate?

Yes, in Provincetown Dance Trophy competition. There is a separate event for the Pro-Am couples to compete in every division. Pro-am couple can not compete or win the US Championship title. Provincetown Dance Trophy with single and multi-dance events.

4. What about if the couple do not know all the dances? 

You can still participate and for the dance you have not prepared yet, you can step out from the dance floor and join for the rest of the dances.

5. Are we eligible to win the United States Champion Title?

The Championship is a milti dance division, that has a grading/preview round at first. The male couples and the female couples dance in separate events. There is one age category- open to all. Championship titles are given only to the Class A if at least one person of the couple is NASSPDA member. Everybody can participate, but a) at least one partner (half the members of a formation team) shall be a resident of that country/nation, and (b) within that calendar year this couple/team may not represent the country/nation of the other partner (half the members of a formation team) in order to garner a National title from that other country.

There are medals for the first three places. If the couple placed on first place on the Championship is not either NASSPDA member or a North American resident, will not receive the title, but still will be placed First. The first couple in the rank after that will gain the Championship Title.

6.Is there a College Couples division?  

The college couples can compete in any  of the Single dance division, Two Dances division or the Championship.