New England Open   --   October 9, 2021  --  300 West st.,  dedham, MA 

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Boston Open DanceSport

About boston open dancesport:

Тhe Boston Open DanceSport competitions are not only dance competitions, but also a public declaration of the need for equality at all levels of our lives. They support the diversity and acceptance of the youth and adult LGBTQ community. Our events, shows and competitions are outlining the grace and skills of the ballroom dance contestants. The Boston Open DanceSport events benefit the general population - 18 years old and above; man, woman and transgender. It is open to everybody, both mainstream and the LGBTQ communities. One of the main goals is to introduce ballroom dancing as an outlet, a safe environment and an alternative pro-social event for the young LGBTQ. Such event is teaching them about partnership, understanding, tolerance, and responsibility not only on the dance floor but in life.

We are the organizers of the only same-sex ballroom dance contest in New England. Started in 2013 we bring together to the Bay State amazing dancers from all around North America.  We have hosted the Boston Open Dancesport Competition, United States Same-Sex Championships, North-American Same-Sex Championships and since 2018 New England Open Championships. Those events were extremely successful. Open to all with over 400 spectators and participants from Europe, Canada and United States.

The competitions were endorsed by Boston Mayors Thomas Menino and Martin Walsh as well as Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and State Representative Sarah Peake. The dance competitions are a yearly event that embraces equality and acceptance among the mainstream and LGBTQ communities through one form of artistic performance - artistic and competitive ballroom dancing.

About the Director:

Bulgarian-born Kalin Mitov has been living in Massachusetts for seven years. Prior that he had competed in many prestigious dance competition including the Eurogames in 2005 in the Netherlands and 2004 in  Munich, where he became Finalist in Class A Latin division. 

Since coming to the United States, he had been looking for a same-sex ballroom dancing partner until in 2010 Start practicing with Michael Winward.

Kalin Mitov and his partner, Michael Winward have been dancing together for almost two years. Their highest achievements are winning the 2011 US Championship of Same-Sex Dancing in Oakland, CA in Smooth and 9-dances American Style Dancing and 2012 North America Outgames Vancouver, CA; 2012 Sacramento CA Smooth, Rhythm and 9-dance champions s Standard, Smooth and Rhythm championship and 2013 US Champions in all American Styles.

A feature documentary film about same-sex ballroom dancing – called Hot to Trot -- is being produced by our friend Gail Freedman. You can check out their great website at  You can also “like” their Facebook page and help spread the word! They need a lot of help with funding – making a documentary film is expensive – so please let everyone know.  We all know how hip and hot and transformative same-sex ballroom is – and now the world will know too.