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same-sex ballroom dancing


As you may or may not yet know, Boston is a great place to be in October. The leaves change color and the air begins to cool. This October marks the second annual Boston's Same-Sex Ballroom Dance Competition to be held at the Hynes Convention Center, supported by the North American Same-Sex Partner Dance Association (NASSPDA), This year's competition will be the first event of its kind in New England hosting the 2014 North American Same-Sex Championship.

All across the country, the same-sex partner dance community grows stronger by the season. As the veterans continue to train, wow-ing us at every turn, the novices prepare for that exciting moment when they take to the floor for the very first time! Come visit friendly Massachusetts at a fabulous time of year. Don your most dapper, rhinestoned dance-wear. Strut your stuff at a brand new venue.

2014 North American Same-Sex Championship is sanctioned by NASSPDA. It is open to all - any levels of dancing, with no age and sexual orientation restriction. The Competition is promoting equality, artistic and competitive same-sex ballroom dancing.

Thank you to all participants and spectators for the fabulous Event!

single Dance Division

Salsa, Hustle, Argentine Tango, Polka, Country Waltz, Two Step, and West Coast Swing

two dance division

Two dances for each level in International and American
Ballroom Dance styles

2014 north american championship

Standard, Latin, 10-dances;
Smooth, Rhythm, 9-dances;
Formation Teams;  showdances

Country western Line dances

Beginner Line dance- D. H. S. S. 
Intermediate Line dance-  Hideaway Cha
Advanced Line dance- Chill Factor

october  11th, 1:00pm

hynes convention center, boston ma

Boston Open pro-Am  championship

Standard, Latin, 10-dances;
Smooth, Rhythm, 9-dances;