Boston Open DanceSport


2019 NEW ENGLAND OPEN was a great event of celebrating the ballroom dance competitive world in such a friendly and welcoming environment with dancers in such an amazing spirit and high quality. Thank you all participated in our competition and congratulations to all of you! 

Big thank you to all Sponsors, Supporters, Volunteers and Organizing committee to make this possible! 

​​ James Powers Hall  at  Needham town hall,  1471 Highland ave Needham, MA

ballroom dance competitions and classes

ABOUT Boston open danceSport

Тhe Boston Open DanceSport competitions are not only dance competitions, but also a public declaration of the need for equality at all levels of our lives.  Our events, shows and competitions are outlining the grace and skills of the ballroom dance contestants. The Boston Open DanceSport events benefit the general population - 18 years old and above; man, woman and transgender. It is open to everybody, both mainstream and the LGBTQ communities.

One of the main goals is to introduce ballroom dancing as an outlet, a safe environment and an alternative pro-social event for the youth.