​​ Provincetown Town Hall, 260 Commercial Street, Provincetown

Thank you for making 2015 U.S. Championship and Ptown Dance Trophy such a great event!

​September 18th,  2015 - US Championship
September 19th,  2015 - Ptown Dance Trophy
 Provincetown Town Hall, 260 Commercial Street, Provincetown

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All across the country, the same-sex partner dance community grows stronger by the season. As the veterans continue to train, wow-ing us at every turn, the novices prepare for that exciting moment when they take to the floor for the very first time! Come visit friendly Massachusetts at a fabulous time of year. Don your most dapper, rhinestoned dance-wear. Strut your stuff at a brand new venue.

Boston Open DanceSport


As you may or may not yet know, Boston has a new tradition.

As the leaves change color and the air begins to cool, every fall we are hosting the only one in New England Same-Sex Ballroom Dance Competition.

In this third edition of the competition, we will go to the oldest, bohemian and eccentric village in the New World, Provincetown Massachusetts. 

Provincetown is like no other place on Earth. It is a tiny town at the tip of Cape Cod with a lot to offer - beautiful beaches, art scene, haut cuisine, night clubs and bars.  Ptown (as we call it) has been recognized as an international destination for gay men and women. There are plenty of drag queens sharing the streets with leather man and straight parents pushing strollers. Diversity defines Ptown.

For 2015 we are hosting the United States Championship and Provincetown Dance Trophy. Two great same-sex ballroom dance competitions in one fabulous weekend.  The competitions are sanctioned by North American Same Sex Partner Dance Association (NASSPDA) and open to all - any levels of dancing, with no age or sexual orientation restriction. The Competition is promoting equality, artistic and competitive same-sex ballroom dancing. Check our Competition page for rules and use the Registration page to print your registration.