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ABOUT Boston open danceSport

Boston Open DanceSport was founded back in September of 2012. It started with teaching ballroom dance classes, street performances and fundraisers.  Those events, shows, classes and competitions are outlining the grace and skills of the ballroom dance couples. The Boston Open DanceSport events benefit the general population - 18 years old and above; man, woman and transgender. They are open to everybody, both mainstream and the LGBTQ communities. 
One of the main goals is to introduce ballroom dancing as an outlet, a safe environment and an alternative pro-social event for the youth. 

The first ballroom dance competition took place on September 21, 2013 at the Hynes Convention Center, Boston, Massachusetts. That was the first same-sex ballroom dance competition in New England. Since then, every fall Boston have a new tradition.

Our competitions are extremely successful with over 300 spectators and 110 participants from Europe, Canada and The United States. The competitions were endorsed by then Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick and the current Mayor Martin Walsh.  After two years in the Hynes Convention center, we have hosted our competitions in Provincestown Massachusetss, Providence Rhode Island, Needham Massachusetts. The latest two events, our 8th and 9th editions (2021 and 2023) we were happy to host Boston Open Dancesport Championship in Dedham, Massachusetts.​ 

With the Pandemic, many things have changed and reflected to low participation. That's why we bacame a by-annual competition. 2024 is a hiatus year for us.

Please, reach out to us with suggestions, recommendations, and willingness to participate in the future.

Hopfully we will see you all in 2025.

​Boston Open DanceSport