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Boston Open DanceSport


Help us make The Boston Open DanceSport  a better event for the dancers and spectators. Your generosity is highly appreciated.


I would like to invite you to participate in a unique sponsorship opportunity. In partnership with Provincetown Visitors Board, Provincetown Business Guild, Boston Dance Alliance and North American Same-Sex Partner Dance Association, Boston Open DanceSport is organizing the 2016 United States Same-Sex Provincetown Dance Trophy.  It will be held on October 1st in Provincetown Town Hall, Provincetown, MA. Тhe event is not only to showcase ballroom dancing, but is also a public declaration of the need for equality at all levels of our lives. It supports the diversity and acceptance of the youth and adult LGBTQ community. 

Our community is clearly excited and eager to see this annual event succeed. In order to proceed with the implementation of this project we are looking for your support. Your sponsorship will help this become the ultimate event.

Boston Open DanceSport is the only same-sex dance event in New England. The 2013, 2014, and 2015 Boston’s Same-Sex Dance Competition were each a major success due to the organization of the event along with the convenience of Boston’s outstanding location and, most importantly, the inclusion of groups ranging in age from young college students to adult LGBTQ dancers. 

Our goals are:        
  1. Embrace equality and acceptance among the mainstream and LGBTQ communities through one form of artistic performance - artistic and competitive same-sex ballroom dancing 
  2. Involve youth and adult LGBTQ in a meaningful new life skill - how to ballroom dance, by education in partnership, tolerance, and teamwork
  3. Affirm that the Provincetown, MA is the pioneer of equality and LGBTQ initiatives for promoting human rights and anti-bulling by showcasing this new same-sex dance-sport  
  4. To unite, meet and introduce LGBTQ dancers to all different dance styles- Argentine Tango, Country Western, Line Dancing, Salsa and Ballroom dancers
  5. To oppose the gender role stereotyping that the man always leads and the lady always follows. To encourage female dancers to take the lead and male dancers to follow 
  6. To establish experienced dancers as role models for LGBTQ youth, making the world a better place for these young people teaching them about partnership, understanding, tolerance, and responsibility not only on the dance floor but in life

The governing body of the dancesport in the United States is the National Dance Council of America (NDCA).  NDCA competition rules are very restrictive.  The rules state that a competitive couple consists of a male leader and female follower. Males cannot dance with males, females cannot dance with females. Like every other sport, the LGBTQ community should be able to participate & be permitted to dance with the person of their choice. Provincetown Dance Trophy is a stage for all of those LGBTQ dancers "banned" from mainstream competitive ballroom dancing.

Boston Open Dancesport is a member of the Boston Dance Alliance, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit tax exempt organization, tax ID 04-3064755. Contributions in support of this event are greatly appreciated and may be made to Boston Dance Alliance, Inc., earmarked for BDA artist approved project named: “2016 US Championship and Provincetown Dance Trophy” 

All contributions are tax deductible.


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